"Der Doppelscheinwerfer"
is the joint club magazine of:

BMW 3er Club (E21/E30) e.V.
BMW 5er E12 und E28 IG
BMW 5er E34 IG e.V.
BMW 6er Club e.V.
BMW 7er Club E23 und E32 e.V.

Der Doppescheinwerfer is published four times a year, in colour and printed on high-quality paper in the size of 56 ± 8 pages and is sent to the members of these clubs automatically by mail.
There is no sale to non-members or online publication. We are a club magazine.

Doppelscheinwerfer online

Even though we are a club magazine, we are still active online:
On Instagram and Youtube we publish some impressions of what we experience every now and then.

Oliver Henkelmann
Ralf Ziegler

Verein zur Information über die Bracq- und Luthe-Ära von BMW e.V.
Vordere Griesäcker 22
D-95666 Mitterteich

Tel.: 0(049)174/4234380

AG Eisenach VR834
E-Mail: redaktion@der-doppelscheinwerfer.de